Signs You May Be Outgrowing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Signs you need new kitchen cabinets

Signs You May Be Outgrowing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are an integral part of any functional kitchen. They hold the dishes we use everyday, glasses, dry goods, canned goods, and spices. They hold the spatula you use to grill burgers on the weekend. And the pan you use to cook a turkey on Thanksgiving. But are your kitchen cabinets living up to your needs for them? Here are three signs you need new kitchen cabinets.

Signs you need new kitchen cabinets

Some Signs You Need New Kitchen Cabinets

  1. You’re storing things on countertops

    If you’re using valuable counter space for storing items that belong in cabinets, it may be time to consider larger or additional cabinets. But it could also be an organizational issue. Evaluate what you’re storing on top of kitchen countertops that should be inside them. If it’s appliances, they may need to be accessible. If it’s food that just never gets put away or cooking oils or condiments, you may want to consider allocating space for them in your cabinets or expanding storage options.

  1. You can’t find anything in your cabinets

    If there are too many items in your cabinets, and they’re piled up on top of each other, you may need additional storage. The garlic powder is hiding behind the cumin. The salt is blocking you from seeing the rosemary. You can’t find the lid to the small pot. And you’re right in the middle of preparing a meal. It could be a space issue. It also may be time to modernize your cabinets with modifications like sliding drawers. (Learn more about picking the righ kitchen cabinets.) 

  1. You neglect cleaning or fixing your kitchen cabinets

Neglect is a sign of not caring about something, and if you don’t bother to clean your cabinets when you clean the rest of the house, or don’t fix them if something happens to them, it may be time for a cabinet upgrade.

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