Kitchen Remodel: Stock or Custom Cabinets?

Stock vs custom cabinets

Kitchen Remodel: Stock or Custom Cabinets?

When remodeling your kitchen, replacing your cabinets can create a totally fresh look. But do you go with stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets, or custom kitchen cabinets? The appeal of stock cabinets is that they are available faster, you can see them in showroom, and they can still be personalized with your selected finish and hardware (knobs and handles). Plus, stock cabinets are generally a cheaper option. Here are some more things to think about when deciding between stock vs. custom cabinets.

Stock vs custom cabinets

Distinction is in the details: Stock cabinets can still be stylish

Semi-Custom and Stock Vs Custom Cabinets

If you want original cabinets designed to fit your needs, then custom cabinets may be right for you. 

Instead of coming from a warehouse, custom cabinets are made from local shops or businesses specializing in cabinet design. You control every step of the process – picking the style, materials, color, and size. It will take longer and be more expensive than purchasing stock cabinets, but what you buy is tailored to fit your needs. 

For the best of both worlds, you could go with semi-custom cabinets. 

You pick out the basic configuration and the size of the cabinets as you would with stock cabinets, but after that you will be have additional options to customize the basic units such as: matching interiors, increased or reduced depth, and a large array of styles. 

Semi-custom cabinets are an appealing option to many people because of the ability to control their costs and still add those personal touches. 

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