Kitchen Sink

Small Remodels that Make a Big Difference

Small Remodels that Make a Big Difference If you’ve been working from home for the past few months, this may be the most prolonged period of time you’ve ever spent in your house. Now that you’ve had all of this time stuck inside, you may have noticed that your place could use an upgrade or […]

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Pros & Cons of Kitchen Sink Styles

Thinking about getting a new kitchen sink? It’s something you’ll be using every day so it’s a good idea to think through the pros and cons of kitchen sink styles and materials.

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Kitchen Tips: Water Damage Can Be a Kitchen Counter Killer

Water can be an incredibly strong force. It carved out the Grand Canyon and, over time, water can erode even the strongest materials. But this erosion doesn’t only happen in nature – water could be wreaking havoc on your kitchen counters without you even knowing it. Now, before you feel an urge to go and […]

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Kitchen Remodel: Stainless Steel vs Porcelain Kitchen Sinks

Although most people install stainless steel kitchen sinks, there are many upsides to considering a porcelain sink in the kitchen. Here are some tips that’ll help to decide between a stainless steel or porcelain sink.

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Which Kitchen Sink is Right for You?

When remodeling your kitchen, the sink is always a top priority. It’s a centerpiece, the workhorse in your kitchen.  When selecting your new sink, it’s good to know that there are two main types to consider: a drop-in sink or an undermount.  Both have advantages, and it comes down to which one fits your needs […]

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Drop in or Undermount Sink?

Okay, it’s time to figure out what kind of sink you want – Drop-In or Undermount?  You stare blankly for a moment, trying to connect the names with what you’ve seen. No worries. We’re here to help with some quick definitions so you can calmly respond when it’s time to choose.

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