Kitchen Planning

Tips for Matching Countertops with Cabinets

Some Helpful Tips for Matching Countertops with Cabinets You might be looking to brighten up your kitchen with some brand new cabinets. Or, maybe it’s time for a new countertop after years of wear and tear. Either way, you should think about the overall design and feel of your kitchen before making an addition. With […]

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Remodeling Strategy: Get the Kitchen You Always Wanted

When remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to have a plan. Even if it’s a smaller kitchen remodel with just a few areas to tackle like cabinets and countertops, ordering materials, scheduling work, and budgeting take smart planning. Having a strategy for your kitchen remodel ensures that you: Meet all of your objectives for the kitchen […]

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Kitchen Remodel: Get in the Zone

When planning a kitchen remodel, professionals talk a lot about “the work triangle.” This refers to the concept that – since the key activities in the kitchen revolve around the refrigerator, stove, and sink – these should be placed in the kitchen following the shape of a triangle. Essentially, the goal was to maximize space […]

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Kitchen Remodel: Traffic Patterns

Planning a kitchen remodel? A good starting point is to analyze your kitchen traffic patterns during different times of the day. Here’s are a few questions to ask to help you understand what you might want to change before you begin your kitchen remodel.

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Kitchen Remodel: Getting Your Priorities in Line

Planning a kitchen remodel? This is your chance to increase storage and functionality.  So to help you get organized, here are some key questions to ask during the planning stage.

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