Three Easy Ways to Boost Your Bathroom on a Budget

Three Easy Ways to Boost Your Bathroom on a Budget

Want to improve your bathroom, but not quite ready for a big budget remodel? 

Here are three simple ways to boost your bathroom’s appearance – on a budget.


Thinking about a bathroom remodel?

Improve the mirror

A framed mirror can do wonders for a bathroom – adding a new level of detail to something you use every day. Mirror frames can set the tone of your bathroom or create dramatic flair – especially if you go for a different pattern or bright color.

Change the faucet and cabinet handles

Sometimes just changing out small things like the faucet or cabinet and drawer handles can spruce up your bathroom — and it doesn’t have to be expensive. 

New sink

If you want to make a bigger splash, how about putting in a new sink? That can really update a bathroom quickly and will be something you’ll enjoy using every day.


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