How to Select the Right Material for Your Kitchen Cabinets


How to Select the Right Material for Your Kitchen Cabinets

The color and material of your kitchen cabinets can set the tone for the entire room. 

When deciding the kind of mood you want to invoke from people in the kitchen, start with the cabinets.


Thinking about a kitchen remodel?

Here are a few of our favorite options for kitchen cabinets. 

Hardwood Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most classic looks, wooden kitchen cabinets offer plenty of versatility for any kitchen. And there are a wide range of woods from which to choose. You can select a rustic pine design for a deeper, more natural color, or have a splash of red with fine oak. Natural wood is always a solid choice that offers a plenty of options for your kitchen remodel. 

Glass Window Kitchen Cabinets

Glass kitchen cabinets are perfect with a modern kitchen design. They come in many varieties, so you can show off your fine china with clear glass, or have an intricate design or pattern using frosted or even stained glass. You can even combine them with traditional wood to highlight certain items in your cabinet and add variation. 

Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

Laminate is a durable, low-cost option that can work with any kitchen and any budget. The color won’t fade over time, the surface won’t warp, and it’s hard to damage. Laminate has come a long way and offers contemporary styles and colors. Always a great choice for your kitchen remodel.


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